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Cut Out Numerals With Wooden Number Cards And Counters



The Libo Cut Out Numerals With Wooden Number Cards And Counters is an ideal mathematical learning tool for children. This set includes 10 wooden number cards, 120 counters and 30 sets of colorful numerals (1 to 10). It helps to develop basic counting skills by introducing the children to number recognition and matching the counters with the numerals. The child can learn to count up to ten and match them with the numbers. It also helps in hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development. This great educational set is suitable for children 3 years old or above.



Libo’s Cut Out Numerals with Wooden Number Cards and Counters are the perfect addition to any Montessori classroom. Designed to help children learn their numbers through tactile and visual stimulation, this set features bright, vibrant colors that capture a child’s interest and bring the learning experience to life. The wooden number cards are cut out with clean lines and feature a fine finish that is both child-safe and aesthetically pleasing; perfect for engaging young minds.

Made of high-quality materials, these unique Montessori teaching aids offer an unprecedented level of design quality; they are durable enough to last for years yet lightweight enough for even the smallest hands. Whether used in homeschooling, at daycare centers or in preschools, these wooden number cards will ensure your children acquire invaluable mathematical skills while having fun along the way.


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