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Double Side Easel

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The Libo Double Side Easel is the perfect Montessori Furniture item to help foster a creative and learning environment in your child’s room. This easel features two surfaces, one on either side, so your child can use it when they need more space or require extra materials. The sides are adjustable to fit any height and also feature a chalkboard surface and a dry erase marker board surface to accommodate different activities. Additionally, the easel has a large tray built into the bottom for supplies and markers for easy access. With its durable material construction and attractive design, the Libo Double Side Easel is sure to be an essential part of your home’s Montessori collection.



The Libo Double Side Easel is the perfect Montessori Furniture for your child’s play room or classroom. This durable, double-sided easel is constructed from child-safe materials and designed with a high quality, fine finish that provides a great learning experience and makes cleaning up a breeze. The two whiteboards accommodate chalk and markers for both wet erase and dry erase work, while the lower tray holds all of your supplies neatly out of sight. Your little one can enjoy creative playtime or use this double side easel as an opportunity to practice their math and reading skills. Not only that, it encourages independent learning as they practice Montessori materials such as tracing printouts, tracing shapes with chalk, or playing with magnets. In addition to the two whiteboards, an adjustable clip allows your child to showcase their artwork by attaching paper securely without worry of it falling down during playtime. You’ll love how easily you can get everything organized in one neat package!


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