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Fabric roll box

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Introducing the Fabric Roll Box from Libo! Perfect for infants and toddlers, this box is designed to help your little one learn fine motor skills by providing hours of sensory exploration. With removable fabric rolls that come in different sizes and textures, this toy encourages creativity and tactile development in a fun way that won’t break the bank. From smooth satin to fun fur, kids will have a blast as they roll, fold, twist and stack the fabric pieces into whatever shapes they imagine. Manufactured with high-quality materials, this activity box offers parents piece of mind knowing that their child is safe while playing. Get the Fabric Roll Box from Libo today!



Libo’s Fabric Roll Box is an ideal Montessori material for infants and toddlers. It is designed to encourage experimentation and exploration while engaging the imagination of children. This distinctive fabric roll box is made from high quality, child safe materials that have a fine finish, making it perfect for teaching aids in Montessori classrooms. In addition to its vibrant colors, this product also features sensory fabric inserts that can be used for exploration or fun textures. With its 24 pockets and easy-to-grab handles, this unique toy encourages children to get creative as they explore colors and textures as a part of their learning experience. The box features lots of interesting patterns too–not only does it look great but it supports visual tracking skills as well. All in all, Libo’s Fabric Roll Box will provide hours of open ended interactive playtime stimulation for kids age 3 to 5!


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