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Flat bead frame

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The Libo Flat Bead Frame is a versatile mathematical educational tool from the Montessori collection. It is designed to help toddlers and young children as they learn counting, skip counting, addition, and subtraction. This learning aid is made of sturdy wooden construction that can withstand normal use for years of use. It comes with colorful round beads in five colors that slide along rods to help teach the basics of number sequence. The removable lid also allows children to store the pieces inside when not in use and encourages independence with self-cleaning skills. Great for early childhood learning environments, this math tool provides hours of fun while teaching essential math concepts!



The Libo Flat Bead Frame is a set of high-quality mathematical material perfect for use in any Montessori classroom. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing children to explore the basic fundamental of mathematics. The frame is created with premium materials, constructed with fine finish and designed with meticulous care to ensure it is child-safe.

Using this Montessori teaching aid helps children develop an intuitive understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through engaging visual and tactile activities. The Flat Bead Frame also offers an excellent opportunity for experimental learning should always be done within close supervision of an adult. This product makes it effortless for teachers to facilitate understanding, practice, and mastery of foundational concepts for math development in early childhood years.


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