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Fraction Triangles

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The Libo Fraction Triangles are the perfect Montessori material for teaching fractions to infants and toddlers. The set includes 10 different fraction sets, including whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths and more. Each triangle is color-coded so that it is clear to young learners which fraction each set represents. The easy-to-grasp pieces promote hands-on learning and can be used to create visual representations of fractions. This high quality product provides an effective way for children to learn while having fun!



The Fraction Triangles from Libo are infant and toddler Montessori materials that are designed to help stimulate children’s minds. These fraction triangles are made of safe, child-friendly material and have a premium finish for a high quality look. The fine finish on the Fraction Triangles helps to ensure that children experience smooth edges without unpleasant scratches or discomfort on their fingers or hands.

The Fraction Triangles from Libo are an invaluable teaching aid for Montessori teachers who want to help young learners explore fractions in an engaging and interactive way. Each triangle is color-coded with bright colors and numbers, giving children the opportunity to learn fractions in a tangible way. With these resources, teachers can provide an engaging learning experience as kids interact with these shapes and try to identify the fractions they represent.


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