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Golden Bead Material



The Golden Bead Material by Libo is a mathematical material developed to help teach basic math and problem-solving skills. This set includes golden beads that demonstrate the concept of numbers, operations, fractions and decimals. The colorful wooden pieces are arranged in a hands-on way that aids in visualizing the concepts of mathematics. It enables children to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division concepts computationally. The materials also provide ample opportunities for exploration and practice with patterns, skip counting and sequencing activities. The Golden Bead Material by Libo is an excellent tool for teaching Mathematical concepts according to the Montessori Method.



Libo’s Golden Bead Material is a set of quality Mathematical Montessori Materials specifically designed to introduce mathematical concepts to young children in a playful and safe manner. The beads, crafted from high-grade safe materials and finished with a fine polish, are the perfect teaching aids for early learners. They offer an intuitive way for children to learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions in a fun yet educational way. Libo’s Golden Bead Material is an ideal tool for parents looking to encourage their children’s interest in mathematics from an early age.

The beads come complete with two sets of interconnected rods so that young learners can use them just like real abacus beads which allows them to visualise their calculations more easily. Each set also comes with brightly coloured cards featuring numbers and symbols which provide guidance on how the materials should be used – making it easy for children to grasp mathematical concepts quickly and efficiently. With its high quality construction and child-friendly design, Libo’s Golden Bead Material promises years of exciting discovery for your child as they grow into competent mathematicians!


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