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Metal Insets Tracing Tray

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The Metal Insets Tracing Tray from Libo is a perfect Montessori material for teaching language skills to young children. This set includes ten metal insets with different letter shapes that fit into the wooden tracing frame. The tracing frame also doubles as a storage box, making it easy to store when not in use. The set helps children learn the alphabet, along with how to identify and trace letters correctly. It also encourages fine motor skill development, such as hand-eye coordination and independent learning of language concepts. With this Metal Insets Tracing Tray, your child can learn in a fun and creative way while gaining invaluable language skills!



The Metal Insets Tracing Tray from Libo is the perfect Montessori Teaching Aid for language teaching. Constructed with child-safe materials, this tray is built to last, with a higher quality and finer finish than imitation trays. It comes ready to use out of the box, including 4 metal insets of various shapes and sizes to help develop fine motor skills. The raised border along the side keeps objects contained, perfect for tracing paper or other materials without issues of slipping off the table. The insets are easily removable and can be used individually or combined in various configurations to create a tailored experience for each user. Whether it’s for home teaching or classroom instruction, this Metal Insets Tracing Tray provides an engaging way to learn new languages.


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