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Mushroom Puzzle

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The Mushroom Puzzle by Libo is an educational Montessori puzzle perfect for helping children with their problem-solving and fine motor skills. The wooden puzzle features handcrafted mushroom-shaped pieces that fit together to form the whole mushroom. Each piece offers a unique texture and color, while the vibrant colors are sure to capture your child’s interest as they work to assemble the puzzle. Not only that, but each piece also features an array of lines and grooves that help children learn how to properly grip items with their hands, further aiding them in dexterity development. This unique Montessori material is sure to captivate your child’s imagination and gain plenty of replay value for your family!



The Mushroom Puzzle by Libo is a beautiful Montessori Puzzle that encourages children to learn through creative play. This high quality puzzle is crafted from child safe meterials and features a fine finish that ensures it stands the test of time.

The set includes 15 pieces in total and arranged on a bright green baseboard in the recognizable shape of a mushroom. Each piece has rounded corners, giving your child an extra level of safety, while they learn to recognize different shapes and practice their motor skills. The Montessori Materials used in this puzzle encourage cognitive development by stimulating children’s thinking skills, allowing their minds to develop even further.


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