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Pink Tower (5 Pcs)

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Libo’s Pink Tower (5 Pcs) is a Montessori learning material ideal for Infant & Toddler development. It encourages sensory, motor skills, and perception. This 5 piece stacking set consists of 10 x 10 cm pink wooden cubes that can be used to construct a tower up to 20 x 20 cm in size when stacked together. The smooth edges also make them safe for your little one to play with. This set also comes with a booklet featuring fun activities that you can do with your child to aid in learning and cognitive development.



The Pink Tower (5 Pcs) from Libo is a set of Montessori materials essential for any infant or toddler’s learning environment. These high quality pieces are crafted to ensure the safety of your child with its durable and child safe materials, while still capturing an attractive design with its fine finish. The different sizes in the five pieces help children identify large and small objects, as well as practice their motor skills as they stack them in order from smallest to largest.

This set is perfect for Montessori teaching aids and can help teach your little one to build confidence while handling new learning activities through imaginative play. It helps develop problem solving abilities with the stacking challenge, encouraging creativity and concentration to create the correct sequence. With this Pink Tower (5 Pcs), your child can have hours of fun learning new concepts!


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