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Rings on vertical dowel

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The Libo Rings on Vertical Dowel is a great way to help little ones learn motor skills, color recognition, and problem solving. The vertical dowel is made from natural beech wood and comes with colorful wooden rings in different sizes for sorting and stacking activities. Ideal for infants and toddlers, this Montessori material helps children build important cognitive abilities during their most formative years.



The Rings on Vertical Dowel from Libo is a must-have Montessori Teaching Aid for infants and toddlers. It provides a stimulating environment that encourages children’s manual development, hand-eye coordination and color recognition. This activity is easy to use and the durable wooden dowel makes it safe for young learners. The set includes 8 colored plastic rings in various sizes, allowing different developmental stages to explore this material. The bright color selection helps children better differentiate between the rings, while the high quality construction ensures that it will last through multiple learning activities.

This Montessori Teaching Aid excels in terms of safety and durability due to its child-safe materials and fine finishings. It is designed with rounded edges to make sure there are no sharp surfaces which could cause harm during playtime or when handling it during store time. Moreover, its fine finishings means that it won’t be easily damaged by repeated usage or wear-and-tear over time. With these features, this set makes a great addition to any Montessori classroom!


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