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Rough & Smooth Boards 1st Box

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The Libo Rough & Smooth Boards 1st Box is the perfect way to introduce children to visual and tactile sensory experiences. This set of 3 boards features different textures in a range of colors, so children can explore them with their hands and eyes. The boards are made from durable wood and are perfect for introducing young children to Montessori sensorial materials. They will learn the difference between rough and smooth textures as they explore these vibrant, interesting pieces. Great for sensory play, this is an essential addition to any Montessori setup!



The Rough & Smooth Boards 1st Box from Libo is a set of Montessori Sensorial Materials that encourages children’s physical and mental development. It contains six boards, offering a range of textures to feel and identify, from smooth to rough. It can be used for teaching comparison, tactile discrimination and language enrichment activities in the classroom or at home.

All Libo products are made with child-safe materials that are strong and durable for long-term use. The finish is fine with no sharp edges, making it safe for little hands to explore. The bright colours stand out in the environment and provide children with an enjoyable sensory experience while they learn. The boards come packed neatly in a box ideal for storage, making them easy to transport if needed. Designed specifically with Montessori teaching aids in mind, they are perfect for teachers or parents looking to introduce their children to the world of sensorial learning.


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