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Sinhala Moveable Alphabet (10 Letters)



This Sinhala Moveable Alphabet (10 Letters) is an educational language tool from Libo, crafted according to Montessori materials. The set includes 10 letters in Sinhala, helping children to learn the language through traceable patterns with hands-on play. The sturdy wooden pieces are designed to last and encourage learning through exploration and repetition. With this unique set, children can learn the basics of the Sinhala alphabet at a young age and develop their literacy skills.



The Sinhala Moveable Alphabet (10 Letters) from Libo is a fantastic language teaching aid that can help your child become familiar with the Sinhalese writing system. This set of ten letter blocks is made with high quality, child-safe materials and has a smooth finish. The blocks are also brightly colored in order to help your child recognize each letter quickly and easily.

The Montessori Method of teaching encourages children to learn through self-discovery, exploration, and experimentation. The alphabet blocks from Libo allows individual letters to be moved around and rearranged by students as they explore the principles of language. This is an excellent tool for early childhood education that can foster creativity, communication skills, analytical thinking, problem solving abilities, and more!


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