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SMA Blue with red vowels

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The SMA Blue with Red Vowels by Libo is an engaging language material designed to develop phonics and reading skills in the Montessori classroom. The product includes blue consonants on white cards and red vowels on yellow cards, ensuring that learning is visually guided and on-track. The soft-touch fabric allows students to easily identify card shapes while providing a tactile feedback that enhances the learning experience. With this language training material, teachers can be assured their students are having fun while developing important literacy skills.



The Libo SMA Blue with Red Vowels is an excellent language teaching aid that is made from high quality, child-safe materials. The set includes 13 double-sided vowels which are brightly colored in shades of blue and red. These vowels are designed to help children learn their ABCs by using them as a reference guide. The surface of each letter has a fine finish for added comfort and tactile stimulation during use.

The Libo SMA Blue with Red Vowels are the perfect Montessori teaching aids for young learners of all ages, from toddlers to preschoolers to elementary school students. They can be used in the classroom or at home, providing children with the opportunity to gain important language skills while engaging in hands-on learning activities that require concentration and precise movement. These teaching materials can help build phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and basic spelling skills for any student along their educational journey.


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