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SMA Red with blue vowels

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Introducing the SMA Red with Blue Vowels by Libo, an innovative language Montessori material that can help children learn to recognize and pronounce vowels. Its unique design features two colors, red and blue, printed in a spiral pattern on the cards to make it easier for kids to differentiate between consonants and vowels. The cards come with images of everyday objects along with the associated vowel sound. This makes it fun and engaging for kids to learn how to read and write words in a meaningful way. With this language material, children will be able to develop their phonics skills as well as improve their creative expression!



The SMA Red with Blue Vowels from Libo is a top-quality Montessori Teaching Aids designed to aid children in learning their phonetics. Made from child-safe materials, it features fine finishes that will last for years of use. The set includes five stackable wooden boards with colorful vowels printed in red and blue along with an instruction guide and storage bag. The boards are designed to be self-correcting; when the vowel cards are stacked correctly on the board, they will spell out the desired words. The vibrant colors used in this product help engage children’s attention and encourage independent exploration of phonetic sounds.

Aside from its educational value, the SMA Red with Blue Vowels also provides countless hours of fun for toddlers while helping them hone their reading skills at an early age. Parents or educators can use this high quality teaching aid to help a child build their alphabet skillset, as well as increase their confidence when reading longer words and sentences. With its fine finish and tailored design, Libo’s SMA Red with Blue Vowels can be used not only for teaching phonetics but also as part of imaginative playtime activities such as forming sentences or spelling out new vocabulary words!


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