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Square of Decanomial

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Libo Square of Decanomial is a Montessori-inspired mathematical education material that helps children learn and understand decanomials. This educational aid is designed to help kids visualize equations, patterns and algebraic expressions. It includes ten squares with colored beads and cards enabling hands-on learning. It is suitable for ages 6 years and up, perfect for developing problem solving skills, logical thinking, creativity and spatial imagination.



The Square of Decanomial by Libo is an excellent resource for math teachers and parents who want to engage their children in learning about practical mathematics. This Mathematical Montessori Material is designed to help children better understand decimals, fractions and operations through direct hands-on activities. Crafted with the highest quality child-safe materials, the Square of Decanomial has a fine finish that will last a long time. The set includes base boards, blue squares, green rods and number labels to form fractional relationships in a visual format as well as Base Ten cardboard pieces (units, tens and hundreds) that aid in understanding large numbers. This Montessori teaching aid helps improve numeracy skills while promoting mathematical literacy creativity in young minds. With this product your child can master foundational math concepts that will support them throughout their education journey.


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