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Toddler Box With Returning Discs

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The Libo Toddler Box With Returning Discs provides hours of Montessori-inspired fun for infants and toddlers. This colorful wooden set consists of 18 discs in 3 graduated sizes that fit in their corresponding holes. The discs can be inserted and removed easily, allowing little ones to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and color recognition as they play. The wood construction ensures long lasting durability for years of playtime use.



The Libo Toddler Box With Returning Discs is a great educational tool for Montessori Teaching Aids. Made of child-safe materials, this box allows toddlers to explore different shapes and colors with the returning discs while building cognitive and motor skills. Its high-quality construction features a fine finish that is attractive yet also durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Toddlers will love filling up the box with the small discs when they figure out how to put them back after taking them out. The Libo Toddler Box With Returning Discs helps build hand-eye coordination and encourages toddlers to be creative in developing their own games by playing with the discs in different ways. With its engaging design, it will make learning fun while fostering early development skills.


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