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Volume box with 250 cubes

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The Libo Volume Box with 250 Cubes is an essential Montessori mathematical material that allows children to explore, learn, and understand basic concepts of measurement and volume. This set of 250 wooden cubes comes in a convenient storage box and assists children to develop the skills necessary for counting, sorting, grouping, and matching. Its color-coded system helps makes the learning process enjoyable and easy to understand for toddlers of all ages. It promotes development of early math concepts such as adding, subtraction and multiplication – empowering kids with life-long skills for their future education.



The Libo Volume Box with 250 Cubes is a great Montessori teaching aid for children and provides an exciting opportunity to learn volume. It features 250 cubes made of child-safe materials and is finished in a high quality and smooth finish to ensure safety. This product helps introduce children to the concept of scaling, being able to accurately build components according to their size, as well as giving them the chance to practice rectangular prism composition. With its bright colors and tactile surface, this set will surely engage your little ones’ interest in volume capacity.

The Libo Volume Box with 250 Cubes offers kids countless hours of educational fun. It is based on the traditional principles from Montessori education such as independent learning, exploration and discovery that goes beyond the age of 7 when traditional math teaching begins. This set allows young minds to develop essential skills such as problem solving, hand-eye coordination, concentration and fine motor while building an understanding of accurate measurements of basic shapes through hands-on exploration using geometric shapes. This will also help children’s cognitive development by enabling them to think critically when figuring out how many cubes are needed for creating different models or replicating designs found on cards or templates.


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