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Book Rack (Small)

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The Book Rack (Small) from Libo is a perfect addition to any Montessori furniture setup. Crafted with quality materials, it features a modern design and sturdy construction to hold up to all of your child’s favorite books. Its narrow shelves make it suitable for even the smallest spaces and its smooth corners make it safe for curious hands. The perfect way to encourage reading in your children, the Book Rack (Small) from Libo will be an excellent addition in any Montessori environment.



The Libo Book Rack (Small) is the perfect addition to any Montessori-inspired home. It is crafted from high quality, child safe materials and comes with a fine finish for an elegant look. The rack can be used to store books and other items of similar size, providing a secure and organized way to keep your children’s belongings neat and tidy. With its slatted design, it also allows for maximum airflow around books so they won’t get too stuffy or hot in their environment. This Montessori furniture product is extremely durable, featuring reinforced corners and thick construction that will provide years of use in any home setting. Plus, its small size makes it easy to fit into tight spaces or on top of shelves as needed.


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