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Shelf & Two Side Wood Cupboard

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The Libo Shelf & Two Side Wood Cupboard is an ideal piece of furniture for the Montessori classroom. It features two shelves and two side cupboards, making it the perfect storage solution for educational materials and supplies. The sturdy wooden construction ensures its stability in the classroom environment, while the smooth finish makes it easy to keep clean and sanitary. This natural-looking furniture will blend seamlessly into any Montessori environment and is designed to last for years of use.



The Shelf & Two Side Wood Cupboard from Libo is ideal for any Montessori classroom. This high quality piece of furniture is crafted from child safe materials and features a fine finish. It has a strong, sturdy construction that ensures it will last in the classroom for years to come. In addition, it comes with two adjustable shelves and two matching side cupboards with an additional shelf each, so there is plenty of storage space available. The wood finish offers an attractive appearance that complements the Montessori materials while providing a reliable and safe surface to store items. With its warm feel, easy assembly instructions and variety of sizes available, this Shelf & Two Side Wood Cupboard makes a perfect addition to any Montessori classroom environment.


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