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100 green beads

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Libo Mathematical 100 Green Beads are ideal for introducing counting and basic math concepts to children. These colorful beads are perfect for sorting, stacking, threading and other Montessori activities that help with early learning. With 100 beads in a range of beautiful shades of green, little ones can practice counting and build number recognition as they learn in a fun way.



The 100 green beads from Libo are perfect for use as Mathematical Montessori Materials. This set of beads is crafted for child safety and assurance, taking great care to ensure that all materials used are of the highest quality. Every single bead is designed with a fine finish and smooth texture, aiding users in learning as they hold and sort through each one individually. The vibrant green color of the beads will further aid users in visualizing their learning, making it easier to develop their mathematical skills.

Designed specifically with Montessori Teaching Aids in mind, this product provides an excellent educational resource that can be used over and over again with different lessons each time. Students will be easily able to count the set of beads while manipulating them in various ways to hone their skills as they progress through their studies. Plus, thanks to its durability, this product will be sure to last even through rigorous play!


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