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  • 100 blue beads

    SKU: M79
    Libo 100 Blue Beads Mathematical Materials: These mathematical materials from Libo are ideal for children learning Montessori methods. The set…
  • Duck Puzzle 15cm * 15cm

    SKU: PU006
    The Duck Puzzle 15cm * 15cm by Libo is a great Montessori-inspired puzzle for early learners. The brightly colored puzzle…
  • 100 Boards

    SKU: M49
    Libo’s 100 Boards is an educational Montessori material designed to help children learn basic Mathematics. This math board game features…
  • 11 Coloured Pencil Holders

    SKU: L17
    The Libo Colured Pencil Holders are a set of 11 brightly colored pencil holders that are part of the brand’s…
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Leaf Cabinet

Leaf puzzle set with cabinet for organizing


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