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Zip Toddlers Frame

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The Zip Toddlers Frame from Libo is an ideal Montessori toy for your infant or toddler. It is designed to encourage exploration and problem solving skills while also helping to develop essential hand-eye coordination. The frame features colorful zip panels that can slide up and down, allowing your child to practice different zipping techniques. The sturdy wooden frame ensures the highest safety standards are met while providing an attractive addition to the playroom or nursery. Perfect for stimulating young minds and developing dexterity, this Zip Toddlers Frame will be a staple in your child’s learning journey.



Libo Zip Toddlers Frame is an excellent Montessori teaching aid designed to help children hone their early motor skills with ease. Crafted from high quality, child safe materials, this frame features a fine finish for superior durability. It has an innovative zip design that allows users to seamlessly change the size of the frame according to their requirements. The bright colors and interactive elements are sure to capture the attention of little ones, helping them develop skills like grasping and sorting in no time. Not only does this frame provide an optimal learning experience for toddlers, but its light weight makes it easy to store and transport without fuss. Whether you’re a teacher or parent, this Toddlers Frame is a great investment that’s sure to add value to your child’s education journey in more ways than one.


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