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Fraction Circle whole to Quarter

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The Libo Fraction Circle whole to Quarter is the perfect infant and toddler Montessori school material for young learners. This fraction circle set includes a full circular board printed with white lines showing the whole, halves, thirds, fourths and sixths of the circle. Each part of the circle can be removed to help children get a hands-on experience of working with fractions. The set also comes with four fraction bars to further aid in learning how parts come together to form a full unit. With its bright colors, clear graphics and smooth wood surface, this educational tool helps teach young learners about fractions in a fun and engaging way.



The Libo Fraction Circle Whole to Quarter is a great Montessori Teaching Aid for infants and toddlers. This item is made from child safe materials so it is completely safe for your little one’s hands. It features 13 durable pieces with a smooth fine finish that makes it easy to handle and learn. Through this fraction circle, children can learn the concept of fractions in an intuitive way by physically matching up the circles and learn the whole-to-quarter concept visually. It is ideal for homeschooling, daycare or classroom settings, as well as individual nursery schools, where kids can explore and enjoy learning mathematics while they’re still young.

This high quality product will last through many years of learning, with its sturdy construction that offers durability as well as educational value. The fractions are outlined in different colors which also helps to distinguish between them easily for young learners. The colors add an element of fun too! With this product your child will be able to develop fractional identification skills with ease! They will love taking part in playful activities while building their understanding of math concepts at the same time!


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