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Cylinder Blocks

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The Libo Cylinder Blocks are an essential Montessori material for infants and toddlers. These colorful blocks are made of light, yet durable wood that is safe for children of all ages to explore and play with. Each block is designed to be versatile, allowing the child to stack them on top of each other or place the blocks in order of size, enabling them to develop their fine motor skills. The set includes multiple shapes and sizes that provide endless possibilities for creative exploration. Perfect for little hands and minds!



Libo’s Cylinder Blocks are the perfect addition to your infant and toddler Montessori materials collection. Made with child-safe materials, these blocks have a high quality finish that makes them incredibly durable and safe for your little one’s hands. The variety of colors also helps to stimulate and challenges their developing minds as they explore their world in a Montessori environment.

These block cylinders encourage better focus, visual perception, hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Each block is finely crafted from soft rubberwood that is finished with a non-toxic water lacquer so the colors will remain vibrant over time. With six different colors in each set, you can use these cylinder blocks for both teaching aids or for hours of creative playtime fun.


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