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Colour Matching Strip Red Blue Yellow

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The Colour Matching Strip Red Blue Yellow from Libo helps infnat and toddler learn about colors. It comes with three strips of different colors, red, blue and yellow, so childern can match and recognize the colors. It is a safe Montessori material which promotes color matching, concentration and logical thinking skills to children aged 3-6 years old.



This Colour Matching Strip Red Blue Yellow, from the Libo brand of Infant & Toddler Montessori Materials, is an ideal teaching aid for introducing fine motor skills to children. The strip is made with child safe materials, and has a high quality fine finish. It features red, blue and yellow colour blocks that can be used to develop color sorting and matching skills in children. The strip also helps build tactile awareness as the bright colours are great for engaging the attention of young minds.

The Colour Matching Strip Red Blue Yellow can help reinforce a child’s natural curiosity through play-based sensory activities. With this strip, children of all ages can learn to distinguish between colours, practice hand-eye coordination, as well as improve their shape and number recognition. Parents and teachers alike will appreciate its durable construction as it ensures that it can withstand daily use in any homeschool or preschool classroom setting.


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