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Colour Grading RED

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The Color Grading RED Montessori material by Libo is designed to engage infants and toddlers in playful learning activities. This set includes various shaped and colored blocks, each with a number or letter representing a different color. With the help of these blocks, your child can learn to recognize colors and distinguish between them. The set also includes sorting trays, lacing boards, and other tools to help guide your child’s development. As your child grows, they will have an easier time recognizing colors, forming patterns, improving their hand-eye coordination, and developing their cognitive skills. With these items their imaginations will soar as they explore new worlds of color!



The Colour Grading RED from Libo is an excellent Montessori material for infants and toddlers. It is specially designed to promote the development of children’s cognitive skills and sense of color recognition. This teaching aid is made from child-safe materials and has a high-quality fine finish that children will love. The Colour Grading RED comes with 5 different color blocks, each in a gradation from dark to light, which helps toddlers understand the concept of shades and tones. The Montessori material also helps enhance the visual discrimination between colors and reinforces the concept of matching objects by shape or size. Moreover, its wide range of vibrant colors encourages creativity in young learners while they identify patterns and shapes. With its simple yet effective design, it makes an ideal resource to add to any Montessori classroom or home environment!


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