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Colour Grading YELLOW

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The Libo Colour Grading YELLOW Montessori Material is perfect for infants and toddlers! With special colour-graded beads, this activity stimulates young minds to develop colour recognition and sorting skills. Plus, its vibrant colours promote positive playtime engagement. The set also includes visual instruction cards for parent guidance. With this fun yet educational material, you’ll be able to foster your child’s development in an enjoyable way!



Colour Grading YELLOW from Libo is an essential Montessori teaching aid for toddlers. It is a great way to introduce and develop their sense of colour recognition and discrimination. This product is composed of five wooden pieces in shades ranging from lemon yellow to dark yellow with smooth, child-safe edges. Libo’s Colour Grading YELLOW provides high quality materials with a fine finish for maximum durability that will last for years to come. Little ones will delight in exploring these vibrant colours, helping them understand fine distinctions between the various shades of yellow while also learning language development skills. With this helpful tool, toddlers can continue to distinguish between various shades as they progress on their Montessori education journey.


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