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Miniature Map of Australia

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The Libo Miniature Map of Australia is a perfect addition to any Montessori infant and toddler classroom. This beautiful, brightly-colored map helps teach children basic geography and reinforces the relationships between continents, countries, states/provinces and cities. It comes with its own stand so that it can be easily displayed at kids’ eye level. Designed with Montessori principles in mind, the map includes details such as topography, landmarks and major roads to give an accurate representation of Australia’s landscape. It’s a fun way to learn facts about this unique continent and an invaluable educational tool for young minds.



This Miniature Map of Australia by Libo is the perfect performance and resource material for Montessori classrooms. The map is made with child safe materials and achieves a high level of quality for its product category. Its fine finish and precision makes it perfect for Montessori teachings aids. It features all the states and territories of Australia, allowing children to easily recognize them from their locations on the map.

This miniature map also comes with detailed captions under each state or territory, providing more insight into geographical formation, land forms as well as people and cultures in Australia. The great attention to detail makes this an ideal set piece for early exploration in geographical and cultural education by preschoolers and teachers alike.


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