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Press Button Toddlers Dressing Frame

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Introducing the Press Button Toddlers Dressing Frame from Libo – an essential tool for any Montessori educator or parent! This durable frame is designed to help infants and toddlers to gain independence in dressing by giving them the ability to practice fastening buttons, zippers, and snaps. The frame presents an array of colorful buttons, zippers, and snaps that can be moved around with ease. It also features adjustable height settings for maximum comfort and a perfectly tailored fit. With its sturdy construction and engaging design, this product is sure to be a hit with your little ones!



The Libo Press Button Toddlers Dressing Frame is perfect for helping your little one become independent. This Infant & Toddler Montessori Material is a safe and secure way to help teach fine motor skills, dressing, and even clasps. Made from high quality child safe materials, it features durable construction and fine finish for years of use. The frame holds the locks in place securely for safe fastening of clothes. It also provides tactile feedback on successfully buttoning or zipping clothing which helps strengthen the learning process. This versatile frame can be used to practice both buttons and zipper fastening making it perfect for toddlers just starting out with these skills. The Libo Press Button Toddlers Dressing Frame comes with twenty-four wooden buttons, seven zipper pulls and two buckles making it ideal for Montessori Teaching Aids in developing lasting skills that will follow them throughout their lives.


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