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Counting Rods in Tray

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The Libo Counting Rods in Tray is an excellent resource for early math development and counting skills. The set includes a sturdy, wooden tray and ten solid wooden rods with numbers 0-9, each rod colored to match a number. The tray features two convenient compartments that can be used to sort and organize all the rods. This Montessori-friendly product encourages hands-on learning and provides tactile experience as your infant or toddler learns to count. An invaluable resource for developing essential early mathematics roles, this Counting Rods in Tray from Libo is a must have for every young learner!



The Libo Counting Rods in Tray is an essential Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. This set comes with a tray and 50 counting rods, made from high-quality materials and with a fine finish that is perfectly safe for babies and children. Thanks to the bright and colorful nature of the rods, they naturally capture the attention of children while also providing an innovative way to help them explore numbers, shapes, sizes, quantities and more.

Using the tray, your child can use the counting rods to learn about numerical values by placing them in order from smallest to largest or by grouping them together into different amounts. The individual pieces have easy-to-grip surfaces as well as markings on them so your child can identify various symbols associated with numbers such as plus signs or equals signs. With its child-safe materials and high quality construction, this educational tool will make it fun for your little one to develop their early math skills.


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