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Velcro Toddlers Frame

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The Libo Velcro Toddlers Frame is the perfect Montessori material to help your infant or toddler explore textures and colors. This frame is made with soft velvet and lightweight plastic, so it’s easy for small hands to manipulate and play. The four removable pieces come in happy colors, from aqua green to bright yellow, which will visually stimulate your little one. Plus, the velcro fasteners make it simple for little fingers to attach and detach the pieces at their own pace. With this fun and exciting frame, your child will learn about different shapes and colors as they move each piece around with ease.



The Velcro Toddlers Frame from Libo is a versatile and high-quality Montessori teaching aid specifically designed for use with toddlers. Crafted from child-safe materials, the toddlers frame has a fine finish that is smooth to the touch and distinctively printed with ‘Montessori’ art. The frame features adjustable straps with strong velcro closures which make it easy to wear and adjust for optimal comfort.

The Velcro Toddlers Frame from Libo is designed to help teach children about shape, color, size and basic counting concepts. It also encourages hand-eye coordination and helps develop manual dexterity by introducing simple activities such as sorting objects into the correct slots in the frame or removing clips with pincers or fingers. With its safe design, high quality materials and fine finish, this Montessori teaching aid is sure to delight both children and teachers alike!


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