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Apple Puzzle

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Libo Apple Puzzle is a perfect Montessori material for infants and toddlers. With bright colors and smooth edges, this puzzle encourages hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Each piece of the puzzle is shaped like an apple slice and teaches your little one about shapes and sizes. The activity also helps to hone fine motor skills that are essential for later life tasks. Ideal for home or classroom use, this puzzle is sure to keep your child entertained while they learn!



Libo’s Apple Puzzle is an essential Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. It is a colourful, wooden puzzle of an apple tree with removable pieces, designed to help children learn shapes and colours while promoting hand-eye coordination. This child-safe puzzle is made from natural wood materials of the highest quality and boasts a fine finish that is easy on little hands. The vibrant red, green and yellow pieces feature traceable outlines to help even the littlest children identify each piece by colour. Each piece has been carefully sanded and smoothed for maximum safety. Little ones can easily remove each piece with their hands or use a tool like tongs or tweezers to practice movent control. Libo’s Apple Puzzle provides hours of fun for toddlers as they practice Motor Development, Shape Recognition, Concentration & Problem Solving Skills in one engaging game!


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