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Teddy Bear Puzzle

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The Teddy Bear Puzzle by Libo is a delightful Montessori-inspired toy that is perfect for infants and toddlers. This puzzle consists of five wooden pieces featuring an adorable teddy bear design with bright and colorful imagery. It encourages hands-on learning, stimulating creativity and aiding in both fine motor skill development and problem solving. As each piece is placed into the correct spot, it will help little ones to remember shapes, hues, and textures while learning about the world around them. As they grow in confidence completing the puzzle, their cognitive development will also improve.



The Libo Teddy Bear Puzzle is an infant and toddler Montessori material designed to help children understand basic concepts in the Montessori method. This puzzle set is made from high quality, child-safe materials for ultimate durability and a fine finish. It comes with 12 interlocking pieces that create a 3D teddy bear shape when assembled. The pieces are designed with increased complexity from bottom to top, presenting challenging tasks to toddlers while developing their cognitive skills in line with the Montessori teaching ethos.

This puzzle also features vibrant colors handpicked carefully by child development experts in order to stimulate children’s visual thinking and learning process. Used both at home or school, this puzzle helps develop your little one’s spatial awareness, tactile sense, problem-solving skills and even math comprehension. In addition it encourages patience and perseverance which are essential traits necessary for all aspects of life!


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