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Miniature Map of World continents

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Introducing the Miniature Map of World Continents by Libo, perfect for Infant and Toddler play. This colorful and educational map features brightly colored wooden continents that you can easily assemble to create a 3-D world map. Kids will have fun learning geography while exploring this durable and well-made toy. The continents are easy to manipulate, allowing kids to learn more about the different countries in each continent, as well as how they fit together geographically. With its vibrant colors and interactive design, the Miniature Map of World Continents by Libo will provide endless entertainment for your children!



The Libo Miniature Map of World Continents is one of the most sought-after infant and toddler Montessori materials. It is designed with high-quality materials that are safe for children of all ages, making it a great teaching aid. With its fine finish, this map will stand out in any classroom or home setting to help your child learn about the world’s continents.

This Map includes detailed geography, which helps children to develop their understanding of the physical features and boundaries between different continents. Plus, with its durable construction and smooth edges your little one can enjoy studying for hours without any worry about safety hazards. With this wonderful map by Libo, you can now guide your child through his/her discovery journey into the world of physical geography!


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