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Fraction Square whole Quarter

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The Libo Fraction Square Whole Quarter is an ideal Montessori material for infants and toddlers. It helps develop their understanding of the concept of fraction by giving them a tangible object to explore. The set consists of four different color-coded pieces that represent fractions, including whole, half, quarter and eighth. Each piece can be manipulated to represent different fractions, which makes it an engaging material for children. This product helps promote problem solving skills as well as understanding fraction principles and relationships between the various pieces. It is perfect for educators and parents who are looking to help their little ones deepen their knowledge in mathematics!



The Fraction Square Whole Quarter from Libo is a fantastic Montessori Educational Tool for infants and toddlers. These materials are designed to help young children understand fraction concepts like 1/4, 1/2, and whole squares. The Fraction Square Whole Quarter aids in counting and early math skills. The high quality material used is made of safe and durable meterials that provide a fine finish to ensure your child’s hands are protected while they learn through play. Not only does it promote safe handling, but it also allows young children to feel the texture and develop their tactile skills all while mastering arithmetic operations.

The Fraction Square Whole Quarter from Libo offers a set of colorful pieces that will engage your child’s sense of touch and vision as they learn fractions in an entertaining way! All components are designed with Montessori Teaching Aids in mind to help enhance your child’s educational needs. In addition, its lightweight construction makes this practical for storage or moving between classrooms for an easy setup whenever you need it most! From introducing basic shapes and numerals or working on recognizing fractions up to 4th grade level standards – the Fraction Square Whole Quarter is the perfect learning tool for your infant or toddler!


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