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Fruit Puzzle with Large Knobs

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The Fruit Puzzle with Large Knobs from Libo is a perfect educational tool for infants and toddlers. It provides a fun way for your little one to learn about colors, shapes, and sizes. The large knobs make it easy for your child to grab, move, and place the fruits into their proper locations. With bright colors and bold shapes that are both interesting and stimulating, this interactive wooden puzzle will provide hours of enjoyment!



The Libo Fruit Puzzle with Large Knobs is an excellent Montessori Teaching Aid designed specifically for infants and toddlers. The design is child safe and made from high quality materials with a fine finish. The puzzle consists of six large pieces made with rounded knobs that are easy for small hands to grip. It encourages sensory development, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills in babies and toddlers as they attempt to recreate the pictures of different fruits.

Designed in accordance with Montessori principles, the smooth wooden pieces are ideal for developing a variety of cognitive abilities such as shape recognition, colour sorting, object naming and pattern matching. This fruit puzzle is not only fun but also educational, allowing even young children to explore their natural curiosity about color, texture and shape. Best used under adult supervision this fruit puzzle makes a great gift for any infant or toddler looking to explore their environment in an attractive way.


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