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Map Stand

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The Libo Map Stand is the perfect tool for any budding geographer. It features a simple yet elegant design, sturdy construction, and easy assembly. The Map Stand allows you to easily view and study maps of all sizes, with a stable platform to hold them in place while learning. Its quality materials ensure it will last for many years of use, making it an ideal addition to any Montessori classroom. With the Libo Map Stand, children can gain unique geographical knowledge and develop important spatial concepts in an engaging environment.



The Libo Map Stand is the perfect way to support the Montessori education experience of your child. This geography aid is made of high quality and child safe materials, with a fine finish that will look great in any classroom or playroom. It’s ideal for teaching right-left orientation, continents, oceans and more.

Designed to hold maps measuring up to 16 x 24 inches, this two level stand comes with adjustable wooden pegs that make it easy to mark points on any map. The pegs are removable for switching maps between lessons, and thanks to its sleek design it can fold down flat for storage or travel when not in use. The Libo Map Stand provides the perfect addition for teaching geography using Montessori methods and materials.


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