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Land & Water Cabinet

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Bring the study of land and water to life with the Libo Land & Water Cabinet! This fun and educational Montessori geography material allows students to explore the surface of Earth with labeled continents and oceans in bright, eye-catching colors. With hands-on activities, students can learn about the different types of landforms, such as mountains, deserts, valleys, islands and more. The cabinet is made from sturdy wood, making it durable for everyday use. It also includes built-in storage compartments for convenient tidy up time. Let your children explore various geographical concepts with this great learning tool from Libo!



The Libo Land & Water Cabinet is the perfect geography Montessori material for sparking a child’s curiosity about the world. This Montessori teaching aid is handcrafted with child-safe materials of the highest quality and finished with fine details for visual appeal. The cabinet features two glass doors, each housing an interior landscape of detailed wooden land and water forms, including five continents and four oceans. The forms have been given realistic shapes, textures, and colors to make them look like they are really part of our world’s map. Furthermore, this cabinet provides educational opportunities to explore topics related to geometry, topography, map making, continents and oceans exploration. With its durable construction and timeless design it can last and be enjoyed by many generations of learners.


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