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Control Map World- labelled



The Libo Control Map World- labelled is the perfect geography tool for the Montessori classroom. This detailed map of the world labels each country and key geographical features, allowing children to gain a better understanding of our planet. The sturdy construction will ensure it holds up over time, while the brightly colored labels promote interest in an otherwise seemingly daunting task. With its helpful visuals, this Control Map World- labelled by Libo will help you convey important lessons on our planet to your students.



Control Map World- labelled by Libo is a geography montessori material designed to help children learn the political borders and locations of cities throughout the world. With this educational tool, children can gain a better understanding of our planet’s structure and the various countries on it. The map is made from 100% child-safe materials, ensuring that your little ones explore in safety. It has a fine finish and comes with all necessary labels for cities and countries so that your child can quickly recognize them without any confusion or mistake. Furthermore, this product is endorsed by Montessori Teaching Aids for its high quality craftsmanship. Moreover, with this Control Map World- labelled product, children can correlate national flags with their respective countries making the learning process even more engaging and fun. This product is sure to be an instant hit among students in any Montessori setting!


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