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Globe -World

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The Libo Globe – World is a geography Montessori material that provides an interactive and educational way for children to learn about the world. Featuring detailed geographical information, this globe can be used as a reference tool or to introduce geography concepts like landforms, climate zones and bodies of water. With its colorful 3D design, it also serves as a décor piece in any classroom or home environment. Not only is this globe informative and fun, but it also encourages physical activity among children as they spin the globe to explore different regions.



The Globe – World from Libo is the perfect geography Montessori Materials for children to explore the world. This product is designed with child safety in mind, made from top quality materials and with a fine finish for an authentic feel. It features a rotating base so that it can be moved to any angle easily and quickly, helping to improve children’s understanding of geography concepts by studying the Earth’s landform. The globe is colourfully painted with political boundaries, oceans, rivers and lakes making it visually appealing while stimulating learning and development. With its strong material construction, this globe is built to last – perfect for schools or homeschooling classrooms.

The Globe – World is ideal for Montessori teaching aids as the actual size of countries helps children understand scale more accurately and develop visual-spatial skills. Children will love practising their geographical knowledge in an interactive way as they spin the globe around using their hands to identify different countries or cities. Its vibrant colours are designed to hold attention and promote creative discovery of our planet’s diverse population and cultures – a great way for kids to learn about the world around them in both fun and educational ways!


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