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Globe – Land & Water

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The Globe – Land & Water from Libo is a great tool for children to explore and learn more about geography. This globe is an essential Montessori material for any classroom or home environment. The design of this product allows children to discover the land and water formations of our earth in detail, while developing their understanding of the 3-dimensional form of our planet. Its color-coded continents make it easier to identify countries and regions, while learning its political divisions. Additionally, its accompanying book provides information on physical features like lakes, rivers and mountains as well as extensive research into culture and population make it perfect for Montessori curriculum lessons or light reading. With all these features combined, this globe is an invaluable tool when teaching geography in a Montessori setting.



The Globe – Land & Water from Libo is the ideal geography tool for Montessori classrooms. It allows children to explore the world and understand its physical features by studying land and sea. This wonderful learning aid is made of high quality, child-safe materials, making it a perfect Montessori teaching aid. Additionally, it has a fine finish with raised relief maps that make it easy to interact with and explore.

The Globe – Land & Water can help children learn about the different features of each region in an interactive way. It includes an internal light source which highlights the location of major population centers as well as physical features such as coastlines, deserts and mountain ranges during exploration sessions. Children will be able to identify continents, countries, cities and many other geographic phenomena in no time at all!


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