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Puzzle map USA

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The Libo Puzzle Map USA is an educational geography Montessori material perfect for children of all ages. With its bright colors and large pieces, it encourages young minds to explore the world around them. It features 34 pieces that form a highly detailed map of the U.S., including state names, capitals, major rivers, lakes, mountains and more. The puzzle also comes with a learning booklet to provide extra information about each state and its history—a great resource for homeschoolers or anyone else looking to supplement their education. It’s sure to stimulate curiosity about our nation in any child!



Libo’s Puzzle Map USA is an ideal geography material for Montessori teaching aids. It is made from a high quality, child safe meterials that are fine finished and carefully created to last for years to come. The Puzzle Map is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 8 who are just starting to learn about geography. Each puzzle piece features an engraving of the respective state with its capital and iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Statue of Liberty. Together, these pieces form a beautiful finished map of the US and children can learn different states, geographical info and historical monuments in a fun and interactive way.

This product has been designed to be tear-resistant, durable and lightweight with smooth edges specifically made for educational purposes only ; all which contribute to creating a safe learning environment. Libo’s Puzzle Map USA is sure to make learning fun while providing endless hours of engaging activities that will help children memorize geographical knowledge effortlessly. It also offers practical lessons on problem solving , self-directed exploration , motivation building , spatial awareness development , hand eye coordination,and cognitive skills enhancement .


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