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Land & Water forms set 1 (6 Trays)

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The Libo Land & Water Forms Set 1 (6 Trays) is an educational geography set designed for kids of all ages. It features six trays that contain continents, islands, bodies of water, and other land and water forms. Each piece is crafted to foster development, teaching children basic knowledge of the world’s geography in a fun and engaging way. The hands-on nature of this Montessori materials nurtures fine motor skills, logical thinking and problem solving in a natural and gentle way. This set contains three continents (Asia, Europe and Africa), four oceans (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean), two bays (Bay of Bengal and Red Sea) as well as gulfs, straits channels seas islands mountain ranges volcanoes deserts etc. With its naturalistic design it will help little ones understand the world around them while stimulating their minds with this unique learning experience.



The Libo Land & Water forms set 1 (6 Trays) is the perfect geography Montessori Materials for classrooms. Designed with child safety in mind, these colorful and attractive trays are made of high-quality materials that endure wear and tear while maintaining a fine finish. They feature easy to distinguish land forms such as mountain, beach, book and hill along with waterways like rivers, lakes and seas to teach kids about their environment. Libo’s Montessori Teaching Aids are perfect for helping children explore natural features in an engaging manner. The tactile shapes can be used for matching, sorting and building activities to teach kids about the different land features of their environment. The natural wooden frames around each tray provide a sturdy support for hands-on exploration by children of all ages. Not only do Libo’s Montessori Learning Aids make learning fun but they also last a long time due to their superior quality construction materials.


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