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Land & Water from set 2 (4 Trays)

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This 4-piece Land & Water tray set from Libo is a great addition to any Montessori learning environment. It includes four individual trays, each representing an aspect of different geographical areas, including land and water formations. The trays are made with durable and sturdy materials and feature natural colors and textures to help children understand the geography of these areas. The set also comes with a full color instruction booklet, making it easy and fun for even the youngest learners to understand the concepts taught in geography. This Land & Water tray set is perfect for helping young minds explore the world around them!



The Libo Land & Water from Set 2 (4 Trays) is the perfect geography Montessori material for your child’s learning needs. This set of four trays help to depict the differences between land masses, bodies of water and shorelines to help teach kids important geography concepts. Each tray is made with child-safe materials and features a high-quality finish that will not chip or peel over time. The trays boast fine textures and contours to give your child a more realistic experience when playing. Perfect for preparing Montessori classrooms, this set is both durable and lightweight making it easy to store and transport within the classroom.

In addition, this set includes magnets that are perfectly sized for little hands, as well as small pieces that are kept safely within each tray so they won’t get lost in between uses. With this set your kids can understand the relationship between bodies of water, land masses, and coast lines while having fun at the same time! An essential product for any school or home teaching aids collection, parents can rest assured knowing their children have access to high quality educational materials with Libo’s Land & Water from Set 2 (4 Trays).


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