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Individual Country Flags

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Libo’s Individual Country Flags are perfect for the budding geographer in your life. Each one of these flags is an individual piece, giving you an easy and fun way to teach children about different countries. They come in a set of 28 flags with all countries from around the world represented, each flag measuring 5×3 inches. The Montessori Method encourages children to learn through exploration, and Libo’s Individual Country Flags provide a great opportunity for them to do just that. With these flags, kids can go on a journey around the world as they learn about different cultures, languages and people from every corner of the globe. So open up your child’s eyes to a whole new world with Libo’s Individual Country Flags!



Libo’s Individual Country Flags are a perfect addition to any Geography Montessori Materials collection. These flags are made of high quality materials, which is not only child safe but also offers a fine finish. Each flag features bright colorful designs and come in various sizes. The flags can be used for educational purpose as well as home décor. The embroidered detail work provides a realistic look and feel of each country’s flag, making it an ideal teaching aid in classrooms or at home. The long lasting materials ensure long-term usability and durability, highlighting their excellent quality craftsmanship. These flags come with rods which makes them easy to hold and display – giving your room the attractive look it needs!


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