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Puzzle map Asia

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Libo Puzzle Map Asia is the perfect Montessori-inspired geography material for children.This puzzle map features an all-inclusive map of Asia, which can help children learn about the continent’s countries, cultures, and physical features. The pieces of this puzzle are made from high-quality and durable wooden materials that are specifically designed to sustain extensive use from both adults and children alike. With colorful details to help bring the region to life, this unique educational resource will provide hours of learning fun and exploration!



Puzzle Map Asia by Libo is a great geography Montessori Materials for kids to help them learn about different cultures and countries in Asia. It is designed with child-safe materials and constructed with high quality finishes. The puzzle pieces are perfectly cut, allowing your child to learn about the continent with ease and accuracy. The full-size map measures 38 x 18 inches, which makes it ideal for most classrooms or playrooms. It is also great for stimulating learning activities as it provides Montessori teaching aids such as detailed flags of Asian countries along with each country’s capital city and population count. This puzzle can be used to teach children how all the countries are connected and form their own unique culture in the region, through interactive game play. With its vibrant colors and detailed labels, this map can captivate your child’s attention bringing out their curiosity for exploration.


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