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Writing Pad

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The Writing Pad by Libo is a miscellaneous product perfect for the classroom or home. This pad is excellent for children to practice their handwriting, allowing them to slip into the world of Montessori materials. With its grid-lines and arrowheads, it gives kids even more accuracy when tracing letters and words. The pad’s paper is thick enough that impressions from its lines don’t pass through onto other pages, making it easy to see what has been written. Its size makes it portable and ideal for both chalkboards and writing desks alike.



The Libo Writing Pad is an essential Montessori teaching aid that helps to foster and encourage creative writing, drawing and communication. This Writing Pad is made from high-quality materials and a fine finish, making it extremely safe for children’s use. It also includes a wide range of features to promote quality writing and drawing experiences for kids. The unique grid pattern on the top provides guidance for the youngster’s drawings, while the specially designed raised lines underneath discourage accidental ink smears on the page. In addition, this Writing Pad has non-skid rubber feet that stick firmly to table tops or desks, creating a secure surface for writing and doodling. With its child-safe material construction and sleek design, this Libo Writing Pad is an invaluable tool in any Montessori classroom or home setting!


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