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Libo Scale is an educational tool that fits perfectly in any Montessori materials. It allows children to explore and understand key concepts of weight measurement. It includes two trays that can be combined or separated, each with their own tray measuring scale for weighing items up to 1,500 grams. The high-quality materials guarantee easy cleaning, stability and durability; and the adjustable height makes them suitable for children from four years old and up. With Libo Scale, children can deeply engage in hands-on learning activities that motivate them to discover new concepts and improve their analytical skills.



The Libo Scale is an ideal addition to any Montessori classroom. Featuring a high quality design with a fine finish, the scale is made of child-safe materials and provides precision measuring. Its easy-to-use design allows both teachers and students to quickly weigh objects, making it an invaluable Montessori teaching aid. Accurate measurements can be taken quickly and clearly displayed in either grams or kilograms, helping children understand basic measurement concepts in a fun and engaging way. The built-in stand supports the scale firmly yet gently on any surface for easy use, while its lightweight construction makes it easy for children to carry around or store away without taking up too much space. The Libo Scale offers a comprehensive measuring solution that is perfect for helping young minds explore math concepts in an exciting way!


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