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Black Board

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The Libo Black Board is a versatile and educational tool for parents, teachers, and anyone wishing to provide an engaging Montessori experience. This board is made from quality wood construction and features a blackboard surface perfect for writing, drawing, and more. The board includes colorful magnets that make it easy to post instructions or materials for students to follow. It also includes accessories like double-sided tape that allow users to switch up the activities on the board quickly or attach it to furniture or the wall. Its portability makes it great for classrooms and homes alike!



The Libo Black Board is a high quality and child safe miscellaneous Montessori material. It’s crafted with the highest of standards from fine finish materials, making it an ideal teaching aid for any Montessori classroom. The board contains two large erasable surfaces on each side which are perfect for white board markers, making it a great tool for lessons about maths and language. The kid-safe design is lightweight, durable and easy to clean – so you can use it again and again! It’s also designed to easily hang up on walls or sit in a display shelf without taking up too much space. This blackboard has revolutionized the way teachers teach their classes in Montessori classrooms, allowing them to break away from traditional paper exercises while still providing an interactive learning experience. With its fine finish edges that won’t snag small hands or clothing and its lightweight design that makes transportation effortless – this blackboard is sure to become your go-to teaching aid for any Montessori lesson plan!


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