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Tooth Brush Rack

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The Libo Tooth Brush Rack is a miscellaneous product designed to store and organize children’s toothbrushes in a Montessori-friendly way. Crafted using safe, durable materials, this rack provides teachers with an effective tool to encourage independence and responsibility in the classroom. Its simple design allows for easy installation, while its open-structure ensures that brushes are kept organized and accessible. With its bright colors and child-friendly design, the Libo Toothbrush Rack is perfect for any Montessori environment.



The Tooth Brush Rack from Libo is a fantastic addition to any Montessori classroom, preschool or daycare. This high-quality miscellaneous material is tailored for the everchanging needs of a kid’s learning environment. Crafted from child safe materials and finely finished, these Montessori teaching aids are sure to enrich your classroom with educational fun and discovery.

The toothbrush rack comes in an array of vibrant colors that will invite children to explore, experiment and practice motor skills while brushing their teeth. With this handy tool, you can be sure that your little ones learn the healthy habit of oral hygiene, while having plenty of fun! The sturdy construction ensures it lasts for years of use and encourages correct hygiene in young children.


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